The Best Things to Do in Wildwood, New Jersey

The Best Things to Do in Wildwood, New Jersey

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There’s nothing like summer in Jersey Shore, where you can spend the day relaxing on the beach and evenings playing mini-golf, roller coaster, and ice cream on the boardwalk. But while the beach and boardwalk are the main attractions, there are many other fun activities to do in Wildwood, New Jersey – one of the most popular family resorts on the coastline. south of the state. From spring to late fall, Wildwood, NJ, is bustling with tourists to enjoy a variety of family-friendly recreational activities: handcraft shows, parades, car races downloads and motorcycles, food and music festivals, and weekly fireworks.

The Best Things to Do in Wildwood

Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market

Downtown Wildwood Farmers Market

The Wildwood Farmers Market happens every Saturday morning from May through August. The market features every type of culinary delight imaginable, such as locally sourced produce, herbs and greenery, baked goods, artisanal culinary delights, drinks, and condiments.

The brainchild of the Wildwood Business District, the market began operation three years ago and is held regardless of the weather. Children and adults alike will enjoy the market’s live entertainment, which runs from 9 am to 11 am weekly and features acts ranging from live music to a balloon artist and a stilt walker. Free parking is available behind the market.

Fun Begins at The Boardwalk

Call it a theme park or the first place to visit in Wildwood, the Boardwalk is like a wisp of fresh air. Magic happens here.
The park is spread around 38 blocks making it an exciting spot. Entertainment can be found in abundance here. There are many rides you can go on and a lot of eateries to hog on food.

It doesn’t matter if the sun has risen or set. This place emanates excitement. Wildwood is typically known for the Boardwalk only.

The place has evolved through the years but the essence is still the same. It is said that it is the most happening place. You should definitely visit it. Mark it as your first and foremost stop in Wildwood.

Enjoy the Beach

Enjoy the Beach

During peak season at some New Jersey beaches, it can feel like you’re elbow to elbow with the family under the next umbrella. That’s not a problem in the Wildwoods, home to the state’s widest beaches. Here, it’s easy to find your own personal stretch of sand for sunbathing, reading, building sandcastles, or playing cornhole.

Wildwood Beach has recently started allowing beachgoers to park right on the beach, for a fee that starts at $10 per day (it goes higher during special events). And if you’re not up for the long walk to the water across the hot sand, you can hire a beach taxi to cart you and your boogie board to the waves. Or you can head to North Wildwood, where the beaches are significantly narrower than those in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest.

Board the Sightseer Tram

The infamous tramp service of Wildwood is worth spending bucks for. The service is running bang on after its inception in 1949. Even today, visitors look forward to boarding these tramcars.

It begins at 10 AM and runs till the parks get shut down. The ride is approximately 30 minutes long and it takes around the important parts of the vicinity.

The tram is comfortable and convenient. The prices are fairly reasonable. It feels quirky and comic to ride in these trams. They are really cute and looking at the spots from the tram feels surreal.

Do purchase the tickets prior, to avoid last-minute hassles. You would surely enjoy the ride and will feel like a kid again.

Play a Game of Mini Golf in Darkness

Play a Game of Mini Golf in Darkness

An experience you’d get to explore only once in the lifetime. Dragon Lair Mini Golf offers this session to players. It is the most exciting place to be.

It is the only golf course in Wildwood that offers this kind of ambiance. The packages and prices are quite reasonable. The glow makes the game altogether more thrilling. Also, it is a bit tricky to play in here because of the darkness. But hey! That’s the challenge. So, book a slot on your arrival and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Morey’s Piers, Wildwood, New Jersey

Morey’s Piers includes two water parks and three piers. The Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis water parks both offer children’s activity areas and water rides; Ocean Oasis also has the Beach Bar and Grille, which serves fare made from fresh, local ingredients. Mariner’s Pier is a classic amusement park with simpler pleasures where visitors can have a full breakfast served on the pier’s giant Ferris wheel (Breakfast in the Sky).

Surfside Pier was the first pier in Wildwood and is home to the local carnival, while Adventure Pier is where people go for extreme rides and live entertainment all season long on the pier’s new performance stage.


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