How to attract wand abundance in your life

How to attract wand abundance in your life

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These are some of the ways we may attract more wealth into our life. However, in order for your wealth to be significant, you must give it away. Jenny Santi explains the notion of “giving” in his book The Giving Way to Happiness: Stories and Science Behind the Life-Changing Power of Giving: “A Chinese proverb says that if you desire happiness for an hour, take asleep. Go fishing if you want to be happy for a day. If you want a year of bliss, inherit a fortune. Help someone if you want to be happy for the rest of your life.” Let’s take a closer look at how to attract wand abundance in your life.



If you’ve ever worked in a place where you don’t speak the language, you know how much a grin is appreciated. It is a worldwide language in and of itself since we can convey our joy to anybody we encounter by smiling.

“A grin provides rest to the tired, cheer to the disheartened, sunlight to the gloomy, and it is nature’s finest remedy for trouble,” the anonymous author said. Someone’s grin might be the nicest present they receive all day.

“A grin cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen since it has no worth until it is given away,” they concluded. You are the designer of your grin, and you may show it off as often as you like. Your grin has the potential to be your calling card.

How to attract wand abundance in your life: Humor

Humor makes people grin and laugh. “Working people are in the midst of a laughing drought,” Allison Beard said in his piece Leading with Humor. He went on to say, “Babies laugh on average 400 times a day; individuals over 35, barely 15.” Humor and laughter may be used to bring people closer together and relieve tension and stress.

Jerry Kramer recounted an event in his book, Instant Replay: The Green Bay Diary of Jerry Kramer, in which his coach was able to bring his squad together while also dispersing pressure. Vince Lombardi, the Green Bay Packers’ stern and demanding coach, punished two of his best players for breaking curfew.

Because he announced the fine in front of the entire squad, the mood was charged.

The two players were then informed by Lombardi that if they skipped curfew again, he would increase the fee to an exorbitant level. After considering the amount of the next fine, Lombardi informed the criminals that if they could locate a place to pay that large a fine, they could contact him and he would accompany them! The call never came for Lombardi.


How to attract wand abundance in your life: Who gives a damn? People who have a lot of money, for example, are concerned. Consider what two different men had to say on the concept of caring: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” stated John Maxwell, a renowned leadership author.

When you help others, you demonstrate that you care. “I can think of no other reason why we are here but to serve others,” Albert Einstein wrote, confirming this.

When you care for others, you not only help them, but you also get, as science backs up St. Francis of Assisi’s conviction.

How to attract wand abundance in your life: Thankfulness

Free woman raising arms to golden sunset summer sky and ocean like praising. Freedom success and hope concept. Girl relaxing and enjoying peace and serenity on beautiful nature.

Are you grateful for everything that has been given to you? The most frequent technique to manifest abundance is via appreciation.

Some feel that we just need to say one prayer: “thank you.” People who have a lot of money take saying “thank you” to a whole new level, which you might want to try at work. According to a historian, the United States was not founded by renowned leaders or the country’s rich. He preached that the average guy, the “nobodies,” were the ones who founded America.

People who work in the trenches in any business or organization are frequently overlooked. For their efforts, senior executives are acknowledged and rewarded. However, the individuals who make the organizations successful—secretaries, assembly line workers, and truck drivers—tend to be neglected.

People that have a lot of money don’t make the aforementioned error. They make it a point to express gratitude to those who go unnoticed. They express gratitude to the “nobodies.” The nobodies in athletics are the players who sit on the bench. Many individuals may be celebrating a team’s starters as they go around campus after a successful season. Many people are unaware that the bench players are on the squad as they go around campus.

Al McGuire, the former Marquette basketball coach, had this insight. He never bothered about the bench players since they were vice presidents, presidents, and CEOs of corporations when they were in their forties. They know how to labor hard in exchange for a little fame.

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